Mind Games, 2020

Symptoms, 2018

Symptoms, 2018
Mind Games, Image 2
SYMPTOMS- Image 1, Self-Harm.png

We begin this exhibition with Symptoms; a series of three digital photographs depicting some of the notable symptoms of depression that I suffer with. I created this series of photographs for my first exhibition at university, Personal Restrictions, 2018.

It was during this period of time that I first started medication for my disorder, the packaging of which I began using to create artwork.

The three photographs above have been glitched in such a way to represent the distorted thoughts I often suffer from during a depressive episode.

Tablets, 2020


PUPPETS, 2020 (3)

What later developed into a video installation shown at St Mary's Guildhall in Lincoln, initially began as a series of three photographs later titled PUPPETS, 2019.

Taken early on in the development of another artwork, these three photographs explore the use of masks to convey emotions of my own choosing, whilst also masking the true emotions of the individual. 

It was prior to this project that I had recently cut off all contact with a friend after a four-year long abusive relationship. During this time I was both relieved and deeply sad about concluding this relationship.

Looking back on this, I can now see my own personal battle between holding on and letting go reflected in these photographs.


Hands Off, 2019

Take my Hand, 2020
Touch, 2020
Raw, 2019

Hands Off, 2019 is a series of three digital illustrations depicting my emotional struggle whilst coming to terms with the new memory of my sexual assault, which I discovered I had blacked out for a year after the event. 

It was due to this that I began attending counselling sessions and seeking the professional help I so desperately needed at this time. 

I created these three illustrations during this time as a coping mechanism. Within all three images I focused heavily on the power of the human hand and how it can be used to convey both positive and negative gestures.


A Stream of Consciousness, 2020

A Stream of Consciousness, 2020 is an online installation in the form of a website.

The installation was my final submission for my Undergraduate Fine Art Degree which was moved online due to complications caused by Covid-19.

This artwork focuses less on my own personal experience with mental illness and instead focuses around how we, as humans, experience consciousness as a whole. I materialised this idea by collecting both positive and negative thoughts from friends, family and members of the public and shaping them into a text piece that formed a singular consciousness. 

For me, this artwork symbolises an exploration of the journey of others, as well as my own. Concluding my three years at university, this piece felt like a celebration of everything I overcame and achieved during my time there. The piece is almost ritualistic in nature and symbolises, for me at least, acceptance.

The Space Between Us, 2020, 3